Meet Tyson...


The ideas man! Unconventional, innovative and determined to find smarter solutions to world problems, he hatched the idea for broadcasting weddings live after being unable to attend a friends wedding overseas. Dissatisfied with poorly taken photos and video coming through on facebook he thought "there has got to be a better way!" Enter... Wedcasting.

Tyson and his experienced team of audio and visual experts will attend your ceremony (yes even if its on the other side of the World!), set up a range of cameras and stream your ceremony live on your own private web channel. There will be no more watching your big day on the sidelines! Friends and family will will have the best seat in the house and feel as though they are right there with you as they watch you begin the next chapter in your life.

The perfect solution for couples who have friends and family around the world that are unable to attend their wedding due to travel, health, age, cost or other restrictions. Planning on eloping? This is a another great way of having the intimate, private day you dreamed of without completely excluding your family and friends.

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