Whether it be a wedding, baby shower or 100th birthday, we believe every event should say something about you, where you have come from and represent the unique person that you are. Our team works together to create the event that you envisaged. No two events are the same.

"Remember that time"... These are words that we often hear ourselves repeating. We want your event to be a stand out, to be the talk of the town, an event etched in the minds of your guests. For good reasons of course! They will notice the uniqueness, the detail, feel the magic and want to create an event just like yours. We don't follow trends....We create them!

Our photographer and videographer work seamlessly together to capture the magic of your day. They are famous for hiding in the shadows, "commandoing" through the grass and most importantly producing art that is natural, candid, and emotional. Half the time you won't even know they are there.

We are a one stop powerhouse! No longer will you be spending hours calling individual suppliers to get quotes. We have everything you need and more under one roof.  You no longer need to repeat your self again and again. We will get your vision the first time!

Let's face it weddings and events are expensive. You can either pick and choose from our services or select one of our wedding packages where we organise it all. Tell us your dreams and we will try our very best to make them happen. We have plain, simple, transparent pricing, There will be no hidden extras!

We are just right balance of unique, quality, affordability and personality.